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The company was having some success with pilot projects in the UK and Israel, but Meiri had an idea for something bigger. He envisioned a global network of city currencies, linked together using blockchain technology.

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So he turned to a then-popular way to fund his idea: the initial coin offering, or ICO. Now, Meiri is doing something unusual: Giving the money back. After a year of regulatory and technical headaches, he stopped trying to fit blockchain into his business plan.

He thinks other blockchain projects will follow suit. But blockchain has offered a wilder ride than most new technologies. For a while, a blockchain seemed a salve for just about any problem: Fraudulent tuna.

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Unreliable health records. Remember WhopperCoin?

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Many were scams from the start. But even among the more legitimate enterprises, there are relatively few winners. Bitcoin appears to be here to stay, even if the price has recently slumped. An entire industry has been built around holding and trading digital assets like it.

But attempts to build more complex applications using blockchain are hobbled by the underlying technology. But the cryptographic machinery behind blockchains is notoriously slow. Early platforms, like Ethereum, which gave rise to the ICO frenzy, are far too sluggish to handle most commercial applications.

The rest take shortcuts. So-called permissioned blockchains borrow ideas and terms from Bitcoin, but cut corners in the name of speed and simplicity. They retain central entities that control the data, doing away with the central innovation of blockchains.


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But often, the same applications could be built with less-splashy technology. Propy pitched blockchain as a more secure way to handle land records. Last month, Propy pitched Kinville a nearly finished product. She was uninspired. The system lacked practical features she uses all the time, like a simple way to link documents. She liked the software she uses now. It was built by an established company that was just a call away, in case anything fritzed. The security? Between faxes and emails, things get done just as quickly. We like paper; you can always go back to it.

Propy is now focusing on an automated platform for realtors. They predicted 90 percent of those projects would eventually stall.

Blockchain evangelizers were finding that supply chains more complex than expected, and that blockchain offered no ready-made solutions. But Stevens says the concept of blockchains may yet prove useful as a way to get competitors and other distrustful parties to share data and tools. He compares it to early internet experiments, before anyone knew if the internet would catch on. Our newsletter subscribers also fill in their name, email address, company, and profession.

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