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Ever since he was a baby he slept with me now he wants to be under my bed. I took him to the Dr she ran blood test and urine analysis the urine was neg but the blood was not very good she thinks he has cushings deseaes so she wants to do some test she wants me to drop him off for a whole day.. Can someone give me some advice in what to do. September 16, pm. Hi Monika, My doggy Lucky vet told me the same thing. But after going to three different Vet and not finding for sure if it was Cushion Disease or not.

I got my doggy 8 yrs. He was my life. I just lost him on Sunday and i was heart broken to say the least. My husband and I cry for days. I am getting better now. All i did is to pray day and night to the Lord to have mercy on him and he did.

Cushing's Disease in Dogs

He did not cry or express feeling pain. I am so grateful to God but it was a struggle. He got sick in February and gave up in September. I prayed that he did not suffered and Mercy for him everyday. Try to find out with different doctors to see if is really cushion his belly grew big and he did not stop drinking water , eating and pee all the time.

You need to have patience and realize he is you little joy.

I wish you the best. September 19, pm. He was taken in for the all day test and we are awaiting the results. But his liver enzymes are normal in the range but his were so high they didnt read.

Cushing's Disease in Dogs - Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

He is not himself lately and the drinking and peeing is so excessive and he has gained tons of weight. Good luck with your pup.. It is hard I have no clue what to do. I have a 19 year old with cushings and he was diagnosed about 2.

Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Yes, he pees more and has some other small things that have changed, but he is still happy, loves being pet and is still living a good life. Although he is a bit slower now, his tail still wags, he loves being outdoors in the sun and still enjoys being around people. Let me warn everyone though…about a year ago he started having seizures, most likely from the cushings. They seem scary to us, but he just bounces out of them. I hope this helps put some minds at ease…thanks everyone for these types of forums.

October 15, am. My 10year old dog Roxie suddenly became very lethargic, drinking more and loss of fur. After taking her to the vets he did loads of tests and diagnosed Cushing. She was put on medication but began vomiting excessively so we withdrew it.

She became no better and was further diagnosed with pyometra operated on then pancreatitis. She has improved tremendously in the space of over a week! September 8, pm. Amy Doverspike. September 12, pm. Hi Amy, my dog with cushings is also blind. He is 19 and is on medication for heart failure and cushings. He has been on cushings medication for probably 2 years. About 5 months ago I took him off his medication for cushings. His appetite has improved since I did that which I am so happy about. The excessive peeing was the biggest one, so now he wears a doggy diaper for little accidents.

He is happy and doing just fine without the meds. Maureen Bieder. Hi Amy, I have three old poodles. About two or three years ago I was at the Vets and he told me Toby had the beginning of Liver disease. His mum, Possum is nearly 16 and suffers some blindness and deafness along with a little dementia, but otherwise is fine. Little Lucy will be 15 in three weeks. None of my dogs has any drugs whatsoever, nor do they have any monthly treatments either. I am convinced my diet has been the answer why all my dogs have lived such long lives.

I chose to put my 16 year old little Coco down a year ago as he was a bit deaf, half blind also and it was time. I feed all dogs steamed zucchini and carrot days a year. Now to this I add about a dessertspoon Coconut Oil. This melts into the veggies. To this I add either fresh mince beef, chicken, sardines or tuna, plus a little handful of grain free kibble made in Sydney. They lap it up!

What are some common symptoms?

No rubbish food goes into their guts period! They eat, drink, pee, poop normal and have a two kilometre walk seven days a week. They can run fast as well. I hope this may help anyone looking for a good healthy diet for their dogs! I also mind other poodles and they scoff down my food as well! October 20, am. I have a14yr old toypoodle almost blind and with typical cushings symptoms started peeing blood and black stools drinking heaps peeing heaps and sometimes no appetite so every day he has 2drops hemp oil and a mix of colloidal silver.

September 8, am. Stopped trying. All the issues I see here, heavy weight gain, lots of water that is in and immediately out, peepee pads everywhere. He does not wet at night which amazes me. But up most mornings immediately peeing about ; I am heartsick. So glad to find this sight and plan to keep in touch.

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He is my baby, my only companion, but watching him suffer is horrible!