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Range: FRP canopies are available for all types, makes of motors both for horizontal B 3 mounting and vertical V 1 mounting. Outdoor weathering: FRP motor guards are not affected by ultra violet rays of sunlight on prolong outdoor use.

Durability and handling of FRP motor guard: This Guards are light in weight, easy to handle and not affected by any corrosive chemicals nor heavy rains Shital make FRP guards are suitable for all kinds of industries. Cost: At the cost of ONE burning point of motor, this guards provide maximum protection for a prolonged period without any recurring expenses.

FRP motor guards are manufactured in 70 different sizes to suit individuals requirements. It has been a general practice of providing some short of protection to electric motors, the most common being from MS or GI sheets. Following are the some types of Electric Motor Cover.

Type-R Suitable for any make of horizontal foot mounted motor having terminal box on Right or Left while viewing from the driving end. Please add to cart to keep it or exit the configuration.


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This New Hybrid Solar Cell Can Harvest Electricity From Actual Raindrops

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15-year-old Azeri Invents Way to Make Electricity From Rain

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