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10 Training Tips for a Gran Fondo Success

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10 Training Tips for a Gran Fondo Success

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The Best Way To Train For A Century Ride

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5 Killer Sportive Training Sessions - GCN's Cycling Tips

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Obviously there are a few things one needs in order to complete their first Gran Fondo. Well, maybe only two: get a bike, and sign up for the big day. So we strongly recommend that between getting a bike and your race day you strongly consider some cycling specific training. Training for cycling can be complicated.

Lucky for you, we are here to simplify it a bit with these 12 steps to help you prepare for your first Gran Fondo. Note that the first 7 steps will help you to prepare in the weeks prior to the event, while the final 5 steps will help you during the event itself. Gran Fondo events can range anywhere from 70 to miles or more. Choose one that looks like fun, with a distance that you think will be manageable for your first event. Also consider signing up for multiple events, starting with a shorter distance at the beginning of the season and gradually progress to the mile races over time.

Your average healthy American is not designed to spend upwards of 7 hours on a bike, pedaling constantly on flat and grueling uphill terrain. Do yourself a favor and allow some time to let your body adapt to riding. Unfortunately, there is no magic number for this as everyone responds differently to training stimuli. But a general rule of thumb, if you're completely new to cycling, allow yourself a good months of consistent guided training. All of this is dependent on your base level of fitness and the amount of time you put in to your training see below , as well as your bike handling skills, which you will want to spend some time perfecting, as well.

Time on the bike, or saddle time is going to be your biggest tool in preparing for long events such as a Gran Fondo. As I mentioned above, you will be spending upwards of hours on the bike. Recruit some friends to join you… this is a two-pronged piece of selfish advice. First, riding hours alone can be very therapeutic, however your first Gran Fondo is something that only happens once, you should have friends or family with you to share in the adventure.

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Second, riding alone can be very therapeutic sounding familiar? Nothing will suck the life out of you faster. Note: Be willing to put in the work.

How do you dial in the intricacies of training for an event like this? Reach out to a coach about designing a training program to help you progress safely towards your end goal.

10 Training Tips for a Gran Fondo Success | ROTOR Bike Components

It requires a lot of effort and energy. Give yourself the greatest chance of success by hiring a coach with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire journey. Having a coach not only adds an education-based approach to your training, but also gives you someone to hold you accountable to your weekly training regiment. A coach may also be able to identify indicators of overtraining or overreaching before it becomes detrimental to performance or turns into an injury that knocks you out for the season.

A good coach will provide mobility and strength exercises to help keep you injury free and complement your cycling specific training. As I mentioned in the previous step, this is going to require a lot of energy to complete. And energy means calories. Hydration and nutrition are going to make or break your day. In the training rides leading up to the big day spend some time playing with different nutrition options. Typically you want something easy to eat while moving and loaded with energy rich nutrients.

Many people struggle with nutrition during endurance exercise and suffer from gastrointestinal issues. Do yourself a favor and figure out what your body can and cannot absorb while on training rides close to home… or a bathroom. SAG is responsible for trolling the course to pick up those who call it quits early, or more commonly, to assist in roadside bike repairs. Now, some events will only have one or two SAG vehicles sometimes none spread across the entire miles course.

September 13, 2020

If you find yourself in need of mechanical help you could be waiting for some time. I recommend taking some time to learn some basic roadside triage techniques. First and foremost, how to repair a flat. You should always carry with you a spare tube at least one for the longer distances - possibly more , tire levers, CO2 inflator or small pump , and an extra CO2 cartridge.

This simple skill is absolutely invaluable on training rides or in a race and can keep you from getting stranded without support. Make sure it's one of the first skills you learn. The big day is finally here!

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  • Avoid one of the biggest and most common mistakes, going too hard off the starting line. Instead, place yourself at the back of the line and start out at a nice slow, comfortable pace. As you start to warm up and build some miles you can start to add some grrrr to the pace.