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Naivement 4. Piece dans le gout de la harpe 3. Few composers are held III such affection by harpsichordists all loilinl the world. These two extremes will be louiul in every case where the notes on the written page are easy enough to decipher but white a satisfying final result is achieved only din a long and arduous struggle. These works are often more enigmatic than one might think but, at the same time, sometimes simpler than they appear.

They resist traditional analysis just as much as they hold out against a poetical explanation of their titles. In every case the harpsichordist finds himself face to face with a very real magician, a composer both conscious and certain of his ability to manipulate our sensibilities and our emotions. It is a sort of aptitude for observing people and things with a rare degree of sensitivity, an aptitude, in short, which generates subtleties that touch us rather than contrasts that surprise us.

It is because of this that this music has never ceased to amaze me for almost twenty years. With few exceptions, the different ordres were recorded at a rate of one a day. As the recording progressed, I came increasingly to regard each daily session as an astonishingly complex process, as if a chapter of a novel was being written and read simultaneously.

The first six to appear in print were published in an anthology of Pieces choisies pour le clavecin de differents auteurs issued by Christophe Ballard in With the exception of a Sicilienne, these six works were reprinted in the Premier Livre de pieces de clavecin of , Couperins first major collection of pieces devoted to the harpsichord. It contains eighty works arranged in five ordres.

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  7. List of compositions by François Couperin.

The Second Livre of or contains fifty-three pieces divided into seven ordres; the Troisieme Livre of has forty-six pieces similarly divided into seven ordres ; and the Quatrieme Livre of contains forty-six pieces arranged in eight ordres. The present complete recording on ten CDs comprises the four Livres de clavecin , the Allemande and eight preludes from LArt de toucher le clavecin and the Sicilienne of In the concert hall the performer may well choose to take his or her cue from Couperin and additionally play the first four Concerts royaux of in an arrangement for unaccompanied harpsichord, together with three works arranged for two h.

I used five different Inti psu holds for these recordings: for the pieces I mm I Art de toucher le clavecin and the Sicilienne, I opted lor a period instrument made by Albert Delhi and now in the private collection of Kenneth Gilbert; and for the four IJvres de clavecin, I chose four modern instruments by f. Mean-tone temperament of a kind prevalent in France during the Baroque period was employed and adapted to the different tonalities.

A large number of harpsichord collections had appeared at the beginning of the eighteenth century — one thinks of those by Francois Dieupart, Louis Marchand, Louis-Nicolas Clerambault, Jean-Frangois Dandrieu, Gaspard Le Roux, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre and Nicolas Siret — but after such editions were distinctly thin on the ground, with only Rameau, Dandrieu and Siret still bringing their works to public notice.

From his Premier Livre onwards, Couperin adopted the word ordre, a term for which many different interpretations have been advanced. Suite Gothique Op. Legends Op. Etude Op. Four Poems - No. Three Ecossaises, Op. Ballade No. Woodland Sketches, Op. Songs Without Words, Op. Mazurka in F Minor, Op. Mazurka in E Major, Op. Polonaise in A Major, Op. Mazurka in G-Sharp Minor, Op. Mazurka in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Mazurka in D-Flat Major, Op. Mazurka in B Minor, Op. Polonaise in C-Sharp Minor, Op.

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  • Autumn Elegy, Op. Etude-Tableaux in G-minor, Op. Fantasy Pieces, A Dream, Op.

    Impromptu no. Etude-Tableaux in A minor, Op 39, No 2. Sonata in D Major, Op.

    Second livre de pièces de clavecin (Couperin, François)

    Yugoslav Suite, Op. Notes d'Antany, no. Polonaise in A-flat Major, Op. Bunte Blatter, Op. Widmung from Winterreigen, Op. Seis Estudios Expresivos, no. On an Overgrown Path - 9: In tears.

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    On an Overgrown Path - 8: So unutterably anxious. On an Overgrown Path - 7: Good night! On an Overgrown Path - 6: Words failed me On an Overgrown Path - 5: They chattered like swallows. On an Overgrown Path - 4: The virgin of Frydek. On an Overgrown Path - 3: Come along with us!

    Francois Couperin 1st Book of Harpsichord Pieces, Chrisrophe Rousset 1/3

    On an Overgrown Path - 2: A blown-away leaf. On an Overgrown Path - 1: Our evenings. On an Overgrown Path - Allegro. On an Overgrown Path - Vivo.

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    On an Overgrown Path - Piu mosso. On an Overgrown Path - Allegretto. On an Overgrown Path - Andante. On an Overgrown Path - The little owl continues screeching. Estudios Expresivos, no. Prelude and Fugue a-major, BWV Valse No. Balkan Dances - 7: Allegro quasi pesante.

    Balkan Dances - 6: Allegretto. Balkan Dances - 5: Allegro ritmico. Balkan Dances - 4: Sostenuto e cantabile. Balkan Dances - 3: Vivo.