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I hate men - Kathryn Grayson - Kiss me Kate

I remember when my daughter began to hate men. The river outside of the room she slept in was now choked with them; they floated downstream without struggling, their football jerseys or suits and ties or loose yoga clothing partly torn off and trailing behind them.

Demolished, crushed, vanishing men. My daughter had been supplied, early in her life, with a narrow white cat that sat like an icicle in her doorframe, guarding her room, and this cat appeared to hate men, too, though it was itself male.

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The first time I noticed my daughter actively hating men she was six, and we were in a grocery store. It is important to know that earlier in the day a customer had smashed a bottle of rosemary and peppermint shampoo. A young man, a teenager, walked by wheeling a cart full of radishes.

Dear Mary: I've been hurt so many times I really hate men

It feels like a relic of an older world, more than About three-quarters of the way through the movie, Kat reveals to Bianca that she had slept with another student when she was a freshman in high school, right after their mom left the family. Beyond the source material, there are other elements of the film that are strange to watch today.

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And for some reason, nearly every interaction between students and teachers seems to have a sexual edge to it. Recall Miss Perky Allison Janney writing erotica between student meetings, or Kat flashing her soccer coach to get Patrick out of detention.

These interactions are troubling, but the film uses them to comedic effect. And yet, despite all these things, I still found the film entertaining and a pleasure to watch. Especially if you can put all that other stuff aside and take it for what it is: a lighthearted, romantic movie with some very real themes.

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