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When the teenage daughter of Rev Jesse Jackson told her famous father she wanted to become a pop star, the civil rights leader was none too impressed. Rev Jackson had envisioned year-old Ashley maybe following him into politics or perhaps becoming an academic like her mother. Rev Jackson, 73, once an aide to Martin Luther King, has now given Ashley his full blessing and is fast becoming her biggest fan. Ashley, who uses the stage name AJae, today releases the music video to 'Just Do Me' and in an exclusive interview with MailOnline says she's hoping her dad loves it as much as he likes the song.

Speaking from her home in California, she said: 'Dad likes the song a lot and he's said lots of positive things about it. Star potential: Ashley Jackson poses for MailOnline as she reveals her plans to be a pop star, saying she wants to be as successful as Beyonce. Daddy's girl: Despite her father Rev Jesse Jackson apologizing for his affair with her mother when it came to light in , she has a good relationship with the veteran civil rights activist.

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I'm just not sure this was his plan for me at this time but he's trying hard to be supportive. Ashley, a high school cheerleader with bags of talent, says her father — despite his concern - has even given her advice and is trying to connect her with the right people in the music industry. He has given me advice - he said that I should understand all aspects of something before jumping in,' she said. Ashley also has the full backing of her mom — a political scientist.

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College professor Dr Karin Stanford conceived her daughter during a secret four-year affair with married Baptist minister and father-of-five Rev Jackson. He embarked on the illicit affair with the then year-old Karin behind wife Jackie's back. Despite cancer survivor Karin being told that she would never have children following an intensive course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she then fell pregnant with Ashley.

When Ashley was 20 months old, news of Jackson's extra-marital affair went public - causing a national scandal. She says she wants young people to feel empowered to be themselves. Friends: Ashley wants to follow in the footsteps of Beyonce Knowles, who knows her father already.

They bumped into each other in the room below the rotaunda of the Capitol. Proud mother: With her mother Dr Karin Stanford at her 8th grade graduation. She says her mom is a huge support as she aspires to pop success. Role model: Ashley credits both her parents for her desire to make it big in pop and says she wants it to be a platform for campaigning. Proud mum: Dr Karen Stanford describes her daughter as her 'miracle baby' as she had been told she would be unable to have children after cancer treatment.

Jackson, who had just counseled then-president Bill Clinton through his own affair scandal with Monica Lewinsky, was forced to admit to the affair in and publicly apologized to his wife and other children in an emotional statement. Reports at the time claimed Jackson had even brought Karin to the White House to meet President Clinton when she was four months pregnant. But despite the fall out Karin said she has no regrets over the relationship and calls Ashley her 'miracle baby'.

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She says her and Rev Jackson are on good terms and are concentrating on supporting their daughter. Speaking about their affair Karin told MailOnline: 'It's water under the bridge now. We're just concentrating on parenting Ashley and trying to be good parents to her. I was told I would probably never have children but before you know it I was pregnant.

There was some concern abut whether I should even keep her. Determined: 'I like a lot about Beyonce, not just music wise, I like that fact she's a businesswoman and she manages to empower young girls she kind of just does it all. Pop star pose: Ashley practices her moves for her video at her home in California. Selfie: Ashley practices the key skill for the modern pop star, taking a selfie for her fans.

I have no regrets at all. I'm at the point now where nothing really bothers me as long as she's OK. Ashley said she is aware of her parents' back story and the scandal it caused at the time but is keen to focus on her pop career. Her family history has never held her back or caused her any problems, she claims.

The youngster said she enjoys a good relationship with her father and manages to see him regularly despite his hectic schedule. He's really good fun, we have a good time together. The multi-talented teen, who sings, raps, dances and acts, said she is keen to incorporate her father's legacy in her music and use her creative talents to help people. Buttigieg's platform includes a plan to further empower Black America and economic reform. The former mayor of San Antonio -- and former Obama cabinet member -- supports immigration reform and eliminating lead poisoning.

Gabbard, a U. Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district, endorsed Bernie Sanders in , but in she's all-in on herself. Gabbard is running on immigration and criminal justice reform. The New Jersey senator and former mayor of Newark formally tossed his name into the presidential hat on Feb. Booker plans to end mass incarceration if he were to be elected president. If elected president, Williamson would be in favor of reparations and "economic justice for women and children. He says he'll "end reckless trade wars and expand trade," "create a universal health care system" and "launch a national AI strategy.

The Minnesota Democrat, first elected to the U. Senate in , announced her bid on Feb. The Colorado senator has been a vocal supporter on advancing the field of artificial intelligence and expanding the Child Tax Credit. He didn't qualify for the fourth Democratic debate but he's vowed to keep running. The mayor of Miramar, Florida, a city near Miami, is a first-generation American who has called for end the filibuster and erasing student debt.

The billionaire and climate change activist entered the race in July, saying in a video "if you think that there's something absolutely critical, try as hard as you can and let the chips fall where they may. And that's exactly what I'm doing. My name's Tom Steyer, and I'm running for president. The former Pennsylvania Congressman has a plan for America that includes investing in American manufacturing and strengthening antitrust laws.

The Montana governor supports universal health care and immigration reform.

2020 Presidential Contenders: Who's Still Challenging Donald Trump and Who's Dropped Out (Photos)

The former governor of Massachusetts acknowledged the challenge of jumping into the Democratic primary so late in the game. But in his announcement he took a veiled swipe at other candidates, saying the party was torn between "nostalgia" and "our big idea or no way. The Narrative is low-key and touching, while the musical numbers feature well-known contemporary performers, and almost everyone is good to bring down the house. It set the pattern for the Astaire-Rogers dance-musical series which entertained America during the Depression.

Many standout tunes, including The Continental.

Viva Las Vegas , Color Never mind the story, which is utter nonsense. Elvis Presley was at the peak of his career in this film, while Ann Margret is a joy to behold in every number, and in-between numbers besides. A stylish first half dripping with good-natured humor, unfortunately degrades into soap-opera in the second, typical of romances of this period.

Nonetheless, some women seem to like this movie, and it is a perennial late-night favorite. Snappy, witty script, and an unforgettable supporting cast who gives their characters dimension and color. Meanwhile, a determined suitor tries to convince her otherwise. Runaway princess does Rome in a day, with a reporter and sidekick photographer aiding and recording.

Spectacular location shooting. Nominated for 10 Oscars, won 3 Actress, Story, Costume.

Touching, funny, bittersweet, this is one film that never dates and never cloys — fresh and delightful each time you watch it. A touching story of a widower whose son calls a radio talk show to ask for a new wife for his dad, attracting thousands of responses. Uses An Affair to Remember see previous page , as a major plot device. The Ghost and Mrs.

A young widow takes a seaside house and falls in love with its resident ghost, a retired sea captain who decides to write his memoirs through her. A couple meets after college and spends 13 years falling in love. A modern favorite, with interesting insights on dating, sex, and marriage backed with a wry sense of humor and a nostalgic musical score.

The 20 Best-Directed TV Drama Series of the 21st Century, Ranked

The delicatessen scene is one of the funniest of all time. Ten persons of different backgrounds are lured to a remote mansion where they are killed one by one, until…there are none! So who done it? Of the numerous screen versions made, this is generally considered the most faithful to the book. Dressed to Kill , Color Strong sexual content. Director Brian de Palma arguably invented a new genre, the erotic thriller, with this film. Provocative sex scenes are intertwined with chases, assaults, and grisly murders.

It works for us. Its sharp, biting dialogue, strong story, and well-etched sense of decay make it the classic film noir, rivaled only by The Big Sleep.