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He can take the worst script, turn in the worst performance, and still make people money. In the last seven years, Carrey has continued to crank out movies high and low. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was not. Is Carrey returning to earlier films to try and recapture the magic?

Or is he pulling an Adam Sandler and making some money hanging out with his buddies because he knows he can? But it is fun.

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Mindless, dumb! It is already on the table that New York wants to go after Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, who both come off outstanding runs in the …. Cam Newton plans to have surgery on his foot and that the career-long Panther would be open to joining the Chicago Bears next season. Learn More. Is Jim Carrey still funny?

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And is 'Dumb and Dumber To' going to be terrible? It sounds perfect. It could have been perfect. View image of Credit: Netflix.

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We are constantly inundated by US culture, and yet we have no real stake in it, aside from our exported talent. This puts us in a unique position to observe and ridicule, and get away scot-free appropriately, the Scots enjoy a similar freedom. I once floated some of this to Ivan Reitman, and he looked at me like I was crazy.

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  6. And I guess he would know. Early on in his career, he produced two of the most successful comedies ever filmed, Animal House and the original Ghostbusters which he also directed. Yet Reitman also exemplifies the small-town theory: though he was raised in Toronto, he came of age at McMaster University in the mid-sized steel town of Hamilton, Ontario.


    Eugene Levy and Marty Short were both born in Hamilton. But more than anything else, I think, our humour comes down to our communal self-loathing. Get back to Canada! Culture Menu.

    Canada Comedy History Why are Canadians so funny? Share on Facebook.

    2. He became a U.S. citizen in 2004.

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