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Empathy is one way to engage in this reflective project. I define empathy as the exercise of our moral imagination against, or at least indifferent to, our own self-interest.

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Empathy is to be distinguished from sympathy, which is what we feel when others remind us of ourselves or our own experiences. Empathy forces us to imagine and to have concern for those who are radically different from and even threatening to us when the principles of justice demand it.

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Did Brett Kavanaugh perjure himself during his confirmation hearing?

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Inappropriate for judges to intervene in prorogation, says government lawyer

Judicial Lies by Brian Whelan. Judicial Lies is a crime thriller about the lies and half-truths that defence lawyers tell to get their clients acquitted She had just learnt that she was about to be murdered. The year-old could have been spared. But her mistake was to open her Judicial Lies is a crime thriller about the lies and half-truths that defence lawyers tell to get their clients acquitted But her mistake was to open her eyes — as she frantically gasped for breath — and glimpse the face of the sadistic monster who was raping her.

She was now a witness. And had to go.

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    When Seamus Glover is arrested he soon becomes the prime suspect. Being duty bound to do the best for his client, Pennington helps Glover to avoid telling the truth. It thrusts him into a life-and-death struggle, where the consequences of failure are simply too dire to contemplate. And as he comes to terms with the full implications of what he has unearthed his mind is tortured for having told Judicial Lies.

    The Lag: Seamus Glover — Violent criminal.

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    Admits to rape and murder fantasies. But is he guilty in this fast moving crime drama? The six-footer cut a remarkably dashing figure.

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    • Charming, but never patronising, women believed him because they wanted to believe in him. Male jurors were often surprised at how they had been convinced by his compelling arguments. But Pennington was not a barrister. He was one of a new breed of British lawyers or 'Solicitor Advocates' — hated and looked down upon by the elitist, class-ridden legal establishment — for being allowed to practise alongside Silks in the Crown and High Court.

      On the Northeastern circuit, Pennington was regarded as a legal tour de force. The most eminent of Silks grudgingly respected him.

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      Judges feared him. Ordinary officials admired him because although he was aware of his fearsome reputation, Pennington wasn't pompous with it. Pennington's consummate professionalism contrasted greatly with the difficulties in his private life. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details