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In September Jean Paul lost his only son, Max, a youth of the highest promise; and he never quite recovered from this shock.

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He lost his sight in , and died of dropsy at Bayreuth, on 14 November But in working out his conceptions, Jean Paul found it appropriate to express any powerful feeling by which he might happen to be moved. He made it his style to use seemingly out-of-the-way facts or psychological notions which occurred to him.

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Hence every one of his works is irregular in structure and his style lacks directness, though never grace. His imagination was one of extraordinary fertility, and he had a surprising power of suggesting great thoughts by means of the simplest incidents and relations. The love of nature was one of Jean Paul's deepest pleasures; his expressions of religious feelings are also marked by a truly poetic spirit, for to him visible things were but the symbols of the invisible, and in the unseen realities alone he found elements which seemed to him to give significance and dignity to human life.

His humour, the most distinctive of his qualities, cannot be dissociated from the other characteristics of his writings. It mingled with all his thoughts, and to some extent determined the form in which he embodied even his most serious reflections. That it is sometimes extravagant and grotesque cannot be disputed, but it is never harsh nor vulgar, and generally it springs naturally from the perception of the incongruity between ordinary facts and ideal laws.

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Jean Paul's personality was deep and many-sided; with all his willfulness and eccentricity he was a man of a pure and sensitive spirit, with a passionate scorn for pretence and an ardent enthusiasm for truth and goodness. The last complete edition is that edited by R. Gottschall 60 parts, Nerrlich, 6 vols, pp.

Otto —33 Briefwechsel zwischen H. See further: The continuation of Richter's autobiography by C.

Dring, J. Richter P. Thomas Carlyle's two essays on Richter. Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life. Many young people get worked up about opinions that they will share in 20 years.

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  • Too much trust is a foolishness, too much distrust a tragedy. The German language is the organ among the languages. Die deutsche Sprache ist die Orgel unter den Sprachen.

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