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Being a lecturer he discovered the field of literary criticism and wrote his first critical book Language of Fiction. After touring the USA and studying at the Brown University and at Berkeley he was so inspired by travelling and the academic world that he wrote Changing Places. This academic novel about travelling teachers of literature was the first part of a trilogy together with Small World and Nice Work.

All three of them were pioneering for modern fiction of the 20th century. After World War II more people from middle class went to Universities and the competition between the Universities as well as the scholars became harder. David Lodge used this milieu and mixed it with humour and sarcasm and so innovated fiction writing of today.

The summary must be detailed because this is important for the main body of the paper which analyses Small World. The second chapter is a summery of the two original adaptations of the story of Perceval and the Grail. Both varieties are summed up very detailed to work out the analysis and parallel elements between Perceval and Persse in the next chapter. The main body consists of a comparison between Small World and the Perceval theme.

1. Introduction

At first the Grail theme and then the Waste Land theme are analysed. After that the points of the previous chapters are summed up and forged to a conclusion. The main character, Persse McGarrigle is a young modern English literature teacher at the University of Limerick going to his first conference at Rummidge College in England.

He is much into writing poems and writes at the moment a book about the influence of T. Eliot on Shakespeare. In Rummidge he gets to know some other university teachers, who try to give their presentations there and who will play their role in the next chapters. On this conference Persse also meets Angelica Pabst with whom he fell in love at first sight.

From the moment he saw her, he wanted to merry her. Persse sees in her an angle sent to him by God. So he does everything to win her. He writes her a poem and wants to loose his virginity with her. Unfortunately he looses her at that conference and begins a quest around the world to get her back and to ask her if she wanted to become his wife. Here Morris is an elderly professor from Rummidge college, who has some problems with his wife and wanted to become the best paid and most famous professor of the literary world.

In the first chapter Morris meets Persse at the conference and becomes Persses fatherly guide through the academic world. Miss Maiden, another important character of the play, is also introduced in the first chapter. She loves phallic symbolism and theories about it, especially in literature that has anything to do with the King Arthur myth. Miss Maiden seems to be a minor character, but in the end has a very important role to play. In the second part of this novel Morris goes to his old friend Phillip Swallow.

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They talk about old times, their marriages and their study topics. The rest of the chapter is not interesting for this paper. The second part of this chapter is again concerned with Persse and therefore more interesting for the purpose of this paper. This part mainly plays at the Heathrow airport in London.

Persse has left Rummidge after Anglica vanished into nowhere and now wants to find her. At the check-in terminal of British Airways works a young clerk, Cheryl Summerbee, who reads a lot of trashy romantic novels during the departures and arrivals of flights. She is responsible for the seats in the flights, so she can control where the passengers sit on their trip. Cheryl thinks that she can make a match between passengers and so makes Morris Zapp sit beside Fulvia Morgana. She also comes in contact with Persse, who is in Heathrow waiting for his connecting flight on his way to Limerick.

In the meantime Persse searches for a chapel and asks Cheryl for the right way. Then he goes on his flight. Morris Zapp and Fulvia Morgana talk enthusiastically on the plane to Italy and Morris is invited to spend the night with Fulvia at her villa. After dinner they start sexual interaction. Furthermore the reader gets to know Arthur Kingfisher, an elderly Professor for English literature and a passionately literary critic.


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He lives together with his young Korean assistant Song-me Lee but is not interested in marrying her, because he is impotent. Persse, of course, uses his chance to search for Angelica after having this money. This stops the conference, and leads to the end of Philip and Joy's affair. Most of the academic characters in the book are there.

Small World Summary & Study Guide

Arthur Kingfisher, an important but physically and intellectually impotent literary theorist named in direct reference to Arthurian legend and the Fisher King , oversees a panel discussion, with the fate of the UNESCO chair at stake, about criticism where Swallow, Zapp, Morgana, and others present their opinions on what literary criticism is. Zapp's kidnapping experience has cured him of his interest in deconstructionism. Persse is then inspired to ask the panel, "What follows if everyone agrees with you?

Persse finally finds Angelica and hears her read a paper about romances that directly reflects the structure of Small World itself:. After this talk, Persse sees Sybil Maiden, and tells her that Angelica is one of the twins that Sybil had found in the washroom of a KLM plane in , which causes Sybil Maiden to faint.

Angelica has left the hall in the interim, but Persse runs through the hotel and sees a woman he takes to be Angelica, kisses her and declares that he loves her.

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She takes him up to her hotel room where they make love, in Persse's first sexual experience. However, after this encounter, she reveals that she is not Angelica, but the twin sister, Lily. Persse feels ashamed, but Lily convinces him that he was "in love with a dream". Later in the evening, Arthur Kingfisher announces that he will offer himself as a candidate for the UNESCO chair, to the disappointment of the other candidates. Right afterwards, Sybil Maiden surprises everyone with the announcement that she is Angelica and Lily's mother the mother of the twins found on the KLM plane in Moreover, Kingfisher is their father.

The revelation throws the entire meeting into a joyous uproar, where various conflicts Parkinson and Frobisher, the Zapps are reconciled. However, Peter is not angry, because as a result, he went to America and there met Angelica.

David Lodge DIalogue in the Modern Novel

Swallow has returned to his wife, saying "Basically I failed in the role of a romantic hero. All of the narrative threads of the novel wrap up but for one: Persse realises that Cheryl Summerbee, not Angelica, is the woman for him, and he flies to Heathrow to see her. He arrives at the airport on New Year's Eve, but learns that Cheryl no longer works there, having been fired the day before Persse arrives. The new attendant tells Persse that Cheryl wanted to travel anyway at some point, and took this as her chance.

David Lodge

No one knows where she has gone. The novel ends with Persse wondering "where in the small, narrow world he should begin to look for her. Granada Television presented a television adaptation of the novel for British television in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. London Review of Books. Retrieved 13 July The Observer. Retrieved 9 August The Guardian. Retrieved 22 February Retrieved 8 July Critical Survey. Modern literature based on Arthurian legends. Camelot Mage Prince Valiant. Namespaces Article Talk.