Manual Managing Knowledge Networks

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Effective management of knowledge is endorsed as an essential element for organizational survival and competitive advantage, yet again, the ways in which knowledge moves through knowledge networks remains poorly understood. In combination, it is then possible develop a theoretical framework through which to better understand the relationships among knowledge creation, diffusion, and utilization in collaborative knowledge networks, and thereby, optimize the utility of knowledge designed for organizational application.

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Managing decommissioning & radioactive waste management knowledge

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Knowledge Networks - a Case Study at Autodesk

Abstract While it is widely acknowledged that economic growth is now dependent on the realization of a knowledge based economy, there remains much confusion as to how this is actualized. You can read more about our collaboration with other organisations and scientific networks, look for cooperation opportunities and find the latest job opportunities on offer.

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Strategic intentions : managing knowledge networks for sustainable development

Welcome to the Integrated Knowledge Management System community web space. Generation and application of radioactive material in industry, research and medicine results in radioactive waste.

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This includes waste from dismantling of nuclear facilities and restoring sites. These activities will proceed over many decades to come, they concern all Member States with programmes generating only relatively small amounts of waste to programmes with large quantities of waste with extended life-times, in particular from nuclear power generation. The life-span from generation of the waste now and on-going to its safe emplacement in disposal facilities will strecth over many decades to come.

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