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Campbell, Mrs. Ganley, Mr. McPherson, Emma Frisch, Mrs. Robinson, Darian Wrenshall, Mr. Adier, Mr.

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Many thanks. Felix getting ready to run; Morgan Davis is cute as a button. Senior Field Hockey The grit and joy put into the Senior Girls Field Hockey team was evident on and off the field over the course of our season. During the first official practice our team, a collection of new and returning players, departed for Duncan's turf field.

I was impressed with how much talent every individual had, whether it was speed, skills or support for teammates; it seemed that our team had all the right pieces. Of my four years of playing for the Brentwood team, this has been the most memorable. From the road trips and bonding at the away games, to the hardships faced through injury and loss, our team never gave up. We hosted the first tournament, the Friendship Cup, at home and placed second losing only to Collingwood School. At the annual ISA tournament held at Crofton House School, our team gained lots of experience and a highlight was losing by only one goal to the eventual ISA and provincial champions, Crofton.

The season prepared us well for the Provincial Championships held in Oliver, which we had not attended since Our hard work throughout the season paid off and helped us in the tough games as we lost only one game the entire tournament and came home with the consolation trophy. This season every player learned the importance of being part of a team.

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Our team spirit, and working together for a common purpose, gave us an everlasting bond. On behalf of the team I would like to thank Mir Mrs. Mann and Mrs.

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Martin for everything they have done for us. Could there be a better symbol of the glittering success that was the Junior Girls Field Hockey season than bronze domination? In exciting sudden-death shoot-out finishes, the girls won Bronze medals at both the ISA tournament and the Island championships. Not gold, true, but all that glitters is not gold. Neptune is, of course, the god of the sea, and we cannot ignore the nautical theme of this year's campaign. We played in storms; we played on flooded fields. The only time we did not play was when the local water-based turf was closed, paradoxically because of rain.

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Even when the whistle blew, we kept hydrating. With only three players returning from last year's team, this really was a building year for the junior program. Nevertheless, with hard work and a level of enthusiasm that was infectious, the team developed into an effective, skillful crew on the field.

This bodes well for both the junior and senior teams next year. Of that I am very proud. Under the patient leadership of Ms. Dalrymple and Mrs.

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Fuzzy Harrison, we learned important mental and physical aspects of the sport. It was amazing how quickly we improved and came together as a team. Throughout the season, everyone on the team showed perseverance even during difficult times. Whether we won or lost, everyone always had a positive and inspiring attitude. The girls' level of commitment and dedication were outstanding no matter what the circumstances. The ISA tournament at Shawnigan Lake School was not only our first field hockey tournament, but also the first sporting tournament for many of us.

The skilled teams that we faced forced us to raise our game and come together as a team.

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The entire season was positive on so many levels and has set us up well for next season. Led by Mr. Oliver Amiel and Mr.

David Cowie, the group consisted of mostly 9th graders who had no previous experience. There were also some 8th graders who joined us. Even though the amount of experience varied greatly, we came together as a team over the course of the season and came out with great success. The coaches were a great help with the development of these primarily novice players who were all very enthusiastic and eager to learn this physically demanding game.

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We started with the basics of passing, running, and tackling. The first few minutes of our first game there were a lot of nervous Brentwood players, but soon we adjusted and the skittish playing was soon aborted as we began to understand the flow of the game. Eventually, we were put into forwards and backs and began to work on game-specific skills such as scrums, rucks, line- outs, and designed plays.

These proved useful in matches when we needed them. After many hard-fought losses and some even harder-fought victories, we finally came through in the 7s tournament. We were divided into two teams, an A team and a B team. We went to Vancouver to compete in a round-robin tournament. The A team, on the other hand, had a solid outing, beating powerhouses including Collingwood, Shawnigan, and SMUS all teams we had lost to earlier in the season , before falling to the hosts, St. In the end, our season was a huge success, with everyone developing in huge bounds and leaving an aspiring roster for 3rd term and Grade Amnesty International.

What do all these groups have in common? They are all inferior in every capacity compared to our Senior Boys soccer team. It was The year of the horse. With the spirits of Bucephalus raging proudly in each one of their respective four humours, the Brentwood squad first took to the pitch in early September. Although they were a disorganized bunch, with time and practice, success came their way.

This group started out as a group of boys, and ended as a group of boys who were considerably better at playing soccer with one another. Drawing first blood on the score sheets was the soccer and piccolo phenom himself, Martin Kenklies. When time came for local rivals Shawnigan to come to Brentwood's home ground, their latent fears were much warranted. Thank you to the dozen proud supporters who showed up. The boys remained undefeated in games on the Island, with emphatic wins such as the victory over Salt Spring and the shutout victory again against Shawnigan thanks in part to stalwart defending by Captain Reid Anderson.

Because we had such coaching prowess at our helm with not one, but two, managers— both Mr. Horth, who actually plays currently for team Canada backgammon , and Mr. Garvey —who moonlights as a bookie and always got us the inside odds on the game we would be playing— and due to youthful efforts from Grade 11s on the team such as Salman Khattak, Brentwood won the league.

Thanks in a large part to anabolic steroids in his tofu and lentils, Toby Collis Hanford would finish as the team's leading scorer. Brentwood would like to thank our coaches, our fans, grass, and the sun for supporting us in every game this season.