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I am 22, no babies, etc. What mixture of oil do you use to cleanse your face? I am really excited to try this natural way of cleansing! I just tried your olive oil moisturizing tip. It works great!! My skin feels so soft!! Ill never waist my money on expensive moisturizers again!! I love to add a little amber or lavender oil to the safflower scrub. I do find, however, that my skin feels softer if I pat on the vinegar right before the oil.

Hello, new to this site, enjoy it. I live in a cold climate. I started to wake up in the morning and found my face skin to be blotchy and red on cheeks. I have thought of what could cause it.

Well, I remembered I had always slept on satin or silk pillow cases. Seriously, I bought a set and found that I woke up with none of the above reactions. Try a set of satin or silk pillow cases, the pillow case is good for hair also. I no longer have the red or blotchy face when I wake up. Good for face and hair. Thanks, Tsh! My sister was just telling me about this! Her wedding is in 2 weeks and she made a risky move and dumped her Pro-active for the olive oil… and loves it!

I will be starting this tonight. Thanks for the helpful info! I am very intrigued by this for my teen kids, especially. I actually began using olive oil years ago to help deal with eczema because anything over the counter or prescribed was irritating or had too many side effects. I have found olive oil to be wonderfully soothing, calming down my skin like nothing else.

This was one of the posts that I read when deciding if I would try it. But if you want to minimize your pores you should try an egg white mask! I have very dry, acne prone, sensitive skin with bouts of eczema. I have been using the oil cleansing method every night for about 4 days. I am spot treating dry spots with olive oil after cleansing at night and using a wet wash cloth to rinse in the morning.

So far I have to use olive oil all over in the morning because my skin still feels dry and I feel pretty dry by the end of the day. My acne is slowly clearing up, I have had fewer instances of eczema, I have very little flaking of the skin, and I love the way my skin feels after cleansing. Should I only use OCM a few times a week, or is my skin just adjusting? Thanks for these tips.

I will definitely try this. Is their any solution to make my hairs silky and attractive. I use this method for my skin now for 2 weeks, and my skin has already improved and is balanced and I feel pretty again, thank you for sharing this method. I was wondering, do you know of anything that works for stretch marks?

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I just love cleaner, simpler, easy to use products that are non-greasy and inexpensive and effective. Thanks Tsh, I love all your blogs and enjoy reading you each week! I just started trying the facial OCM with a ratio. Or do I need to experiment with the ratio? Also, what about age spots? Any advice would be appreciated. Hi… can i mix castor, olive oil and almond oil… n wht shuld be the ratio.. So far I like the OCM but have just discovered that green tea and vinegar make a good toner for skin. My question is this…should I use a moisturizer after using the toner?

I have added some diatomaceous earth for a little extra exfoliation. I think I commented on this post once before, but I had to come back and comment again. All I can say after using it is WOW. My face feels so clean and so soft.

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I usually use lotion first, then liquid makeup, and the powder later in the day. I tried this for the first time tonight and WOW! I read some reviews on castor oil products on Amazon. Anyone who uses it on their face notice more hair on their face? Cool, I just found this. Thank you all for the nice ideas! I have been using coconut oil to remove my makeup and moisturize for sometime now. Just tried this for the first time tonight. Can I make a good amount of it and store it, or should i make it fresh every time I use it?

I saw this method in a magazine a few months ago and I am hooked! I know it seems so odd to wash with oil but honestly the first time I tried it I felt and saw a difference. I put equal parts of Castor oil and sunflower oil. Also, the honey mask a couple times a week.

I have bought a commercial cleaning oil for about 3 years now. It took me about a week to realize how good my skin felt after changing over to this. Now I would not give it up for anything. It feels wonderful at night to give myself a little face massage while cleaning my makeup off. Nothing cleans better than cleaning oil and my face feels great after. I am excited to try this homemade version!

33 Fantastic Uses For Castor Oil (The Miracle Product You NEED To Try) - Expert Home Tips

If you are wearing make up would you take the make up off before? Or would you just cleanse with the make up on?

If you were to take of the make up what would you use? I once had acne prone skin. It was very upsetting to me and I never wanted to go out.

How Does Coconut Oil Help Clear Acne?

It took years until I was able to find the right treatment for my skin. I eventually started using this cleanser for acne that was clearing my skin up tremendously. My self esteem sky rocketed and I was finally going out again and not worrying about my skin. It all depends on finding the right treatment for your acne in order to over come your issues with skin care. I have a question — I would definitely use this at night to remove my makeup. However, I run in the morning and shower after that and I would want to wash my face then as well.

Would it be better to use this again or use regular soap in the morning? Just tried this with half EVOO and half castor oil. Long term effects are yet to be seen, but right now my face feels just lovely! I thought your recipes to be so helpful that I shared them on my blog as well!

The Benefits of Oils for Your Skin

Thanks and keep posting! I can add my vote for the oil cleansing method. I have been using it for the last few weeks, and I love it. My skin looks better than it has in 20 years! I use straight EVOO in the morning with the steam cloth. My acne has all but disappeared and my rosacea has calmed down. My skin is even-toned and feels amazingly soft. Works great! Thanks for the great info! Great tutorial on the OCM! So many women are hesitant to put oil on their faces, but it could be the best thing they ever did! This is especially true for people with extremely oily skin.