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Think she might be interested in the job? Nadia gave Trish another brief sideways glance. Trish shook her head frantically. The bell on the door jingled again, and Trish cautiously poked her head up long enough to verify that Ian was indeed gone. She then ignored the fascinated look Mrs. Beasley was giving her and fixed an icy stare on Nadia. How could you do that?

Nadia tossed her dark braids over her shoulder. Beasley eagerly, one wrinkled hand fluttering over her heart. No woman wants to marry the devil! Face it, you could use the money. Victoria Alexander May 27, at AM. Aimee is bound and determined to set up her grandma with Doyle's uncle.

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They may be older but both are still full of life. Doyle, however, is against it. But Aimee is not one to back down. These two have chemistry and sparks start flying. I laughed out loud watching these two! He needs to loosen up and enjoy life and she is the perfect person for the job. I really, really wish this one was longer! It would definitely be full of life, sparks, romance and a HEA! Jan 28, Patricia Hamill rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-read-too-much , humorous , , reviewed-by-me , found-free , novella.

12 Days of Christmas: Christine Feldman

The Heavenly Bites Novella collection is a sweet treat all of its own. All three stories feature the best part of romance, falling in love. Pastels and Jingle Bells is ultra-cute. The story shows that folks change, sometimes in unexpected ways. Toss in a zombie loving kid and some Christmas che The Heavenly Bites Novella collection is a sweet treat all of its own. Toss in a zombie loving kid and some Christmas cheer, and you have quite a fun read. Love Lessons is funny and delightful.

Playing Cupid is sweet and chuckle-worthy. Aimee, the recently hired front counter worker at Heavenly Bites is Mrs. When she comes home one day to find Mrs. Beasley and a charming old fellow, she gets the bright idea to help them hook up. Two sweet romances, some epic arguments, and a bit of a mystery make this story a bit meatier than the other two. Overall, I loved these novellas. Plenty of happily ever after for everyone.

Interview with author of Pastels & Jingle Bells by Christine S. Feldman

I picked up this collection while it was on a free promotion. I wrote this review for the I read too much! Note: the link will be live on Jan 31, , 3am EST. Jan 06, Paula Bothwell rated it it was amazing Shelves: clean-romance , contemporary-romance. PG - but only because a kid would be bored with it - it's too funny, sweet, romantic, delightful! There were some kisses, but nothing descriptive at all. No swearing, no sex, no violence. This is the third book I've read by Christine Feldman, and I have to say, she's a terrific writer!

This little group of novellas was just perfect for me and did what I wanted a romance book to do: entertain, and "take me away, Calgon! These novellas are perfectly clean, and I love how the tension builds so innocently between the H's and h's of each story. Feb 05, Donna rated it really liked it. Delicious Sweet stories of three friends who work in a bakery together and all fall in love with challenging men. I wish they were longer! Apr 11, Sandi Ramirez rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-challenge.

This book has three novellas inside it and each three relates to each other.

They are all three really good reads with humor and romance. The first book opens in a bakery where Trisha is painting the front window. She all of a sudden ducks down and hides because she sees the guy who drove her crazy in middle school. Pulled her hair, called her names.

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