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Which includes information on a number of current topics of interest to include influenza, lyme disease, zika virus and food safety, to name a few, may be found on the Emerging Infectious Diseases webpage. Subject matter experts report that the adoption and use of a Threat Assessment protocol by schools helps to foster a positive school culture and reduces the potential for targeted violence.

The objective of the United States Government is to ensure that all levels of government across the Nation have the capability to work efficiently and effectively together, using a national approach to domestic incident management. In these efforts, with regard to domestic incidents, the United States Government treats crisis management and consequence management as a single, integrated function, rather than as two separate functions.

There is no cost to the district for this training. Our Emergency Preparedness Advisors can assist districts by:. Email ADE for assistance and an emergency preparedness advisor will come to your location to answer questions, assist with training or guide you through the planning process.

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Arizona Revised Statutes ARS , A 32 requires each school site to have an emergency response plan that meets the minimum state requirements. The regional consortiums are sponsored by The Trust and meet quarterly to provide presentations on emergency preparedness topics of interest and lessons learned. The template incorporates many components required to be NIMS compliant. It would be wise to keep your planning team to no more than people.

Departments such as facilities, transportation, food services, communications office, community education, and special education are among the departments that would provide good insight on many components of the plan. Last but not least, community partners can include law enforcement, fire, public health and local emergency management would be excellent contributors to a planning team. Keep in mind that there is not one specific composition of team membership for districts to put in place. District Home. Select a School Select a School.

Sign In. Search Our Site. Columbia Heights Public Schools Creating worlds of opportunity for each and every learner. Home District ". Columbia Heights Public Schools Finance. Administrative Departments.

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My student's device isn't working properly! Comments What is a Bond Referendum? Posted by: This is a request of voters to increase taxes for the purpose of improving school facilities. When was the last time the School District had a voter approved Bond Referendum?

Posted by: How much money did the District ask of taxpayers for the Bond Referendum? What is the specified term to repay the bond debt for this referendum? Posted by: 15 years. When will construction start? Posted by: The Bond Referendum has now moved into the building stage beginning with ground breaking celebrations at both sites in late August. Where can I read the Resolution that the School Board passed?

What was the Levy for?

Posted by: The voter approved Capital Projects Levy was to provide plumbing, roofing and other maintenance, along with an investment in educational technology. Did the passage of the Operational Levy increase my taxes? Posted by: When voters approved the Operational Levy, it renewed the existing operational levy which extended it for an additional ten years. What is the term length of the Operational Levy? Posted by: The Operational Levy is a 10 year levy.

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Why does North Park Elementary School need remodeling? Posted by: The building is not meeting current safety, security and educational needs. What is being asked for at North Park Elementary School? Posted by: First, the Bond will provide a secure point of entry for all visitors which includes moving the administrative office to a new secure main entrance. What is being asked for at Columbia Heights High School? Does CHHS have a full-time band teacher? Does the District make its budgets available to the public?

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Posted by: Yes. Is Columbia Heights Public Schools financially responsible? Does the State provide annual funding to the District for improvements to buildings? Posted by: All public school districts receive general education aid, of which a portion is identified for long term facilities maintenance which would not cover improving safety and modernizing learning spaces.

Does the School Board raise property taxes? Posted by: In certain instances the School Board can increase taxes without going to the voters, such as lease levies.

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How is the approximate tax impact calculated? How can the District guarantee voters their taxes will not exceed what has been shared?

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Posted by: The District provides approximate tax increases based on specified property values. Is it true that good school facilities have a positive impact on property values? Posted by: Yes, there are multiple studies and reports verifying that good schools can have a positive impact on a homeowner's property.

Can the District move levy referendum funds to voter approved bond projects and vice-versa?

Posted by: No. Can the District legally spend taxpayer monies to factually inform the public of a school District Posted by: Yes, the district has a responsibility to provide the public with factual information about the details of the proposed bond referendum. Was the community asked for their input? For More Information