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Robot Click is a surprisingly complex character, and his deadpan insights add a welcome touch of humor to the sometimes dark plot. With strong themes of courage and self-reliance, this challenging and thought-provoking adventure is a fine choice for science-fiction collection. The real, scary possibility of human destruction of our own environment is tempered by this diverting tale of the possibilities of continued existence and the meaning of hope, friendship and community.

Squid offers another quirky, high-stakes adventure hung about with oddball ideas and life-threatening hazards. A pleaser for readers who prefer their sf livened up with unpredictable elements and emotional complexity.

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About Elise Elise is a Gloucestershire based theatre maker. Elise is an experienced youth theatre facilitator and theatre practitioner with eight years experience working with young people aged This is her second collaboration with Elise Heaven. Relaxed Performances — Open to everyone, but specifically adapted for children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, individuals with sensory and communication disorders, those with learning disabilities and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. Full terms and conditions of ticket bookings can be found here.

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A Christmas Carol. A Hundred Different Words for Love. A Minuscule Adventure. Agatha Christie: Queen of Crime. An Evening Without Kate Bush. Art Heist. Band of Gold.

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Being Mr Wickham. Big Up! Blithe Spirit. Buddy — The Buddy Holly Story. Calendar Girls — The Musical.

Carols by Candlelight. Collected Grimm Tales. Crimes, Camera, Action. David Baddiel. Dial M For Murder.

  1. Scattered Parchment.
  2. Good Boy, Fergus!.
  3. See a Problem?;
  4. The Case of Daniel Paul Schreber (Paranoid Schizophrenia).

Dragonbird — Pajama Island. Fatty Fat Fat. He certainly never dreams that he would be brave enough to become a lion tamer.

REVIEW: The Good Boy by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

This is how space boy android Hilo greets his best friend D. Marcus, a worm, strikes up an alliance with Laurence, a nondescript bird, initially to avoid being eaten.

  • The Poems of Ossian;
  • Trompie die krieketspeler (#14) (Afrikaans Edition);
  • Touchkillers: Secret Enemies #2 (Concourse Series).
  • He attempts to guide Laurence to Lake Nakuru in Kenya, and while their trip ends in failure, a real friendship is formed along the way. Highlights of their adventure include encounters with a beatbox dancing squirrel, some snooty flamingos, and lots of mashed potato. This is one to recommend to fans of the Timmy Failure and Barry Loser books. All sorts of adventures follow. To give you an idea of how nasty Spangles is, his ideal day would include collecting ie stealing something spangly from an old lady in a library, whilst eating cold chips, farting, pulling a face and shouting all at the same time.

    With its zany plot, an abundance of the fanciful imagery and word play that young readers love, and highly eccentric cast of characters, this is unadulterated fun! His little brother Alife however has all the qualities that make the youngest son a fairytale favourite. Together they head off in search of adventure and fortune.

    A sparkling story that will leave everyone happy! The cast of characters includes Toby Cuffe an orphan boy, and William Shakespeare himself. Sent to the Globe to do some pickpocketing, Toby is too intrigued by the action on stage to make a successful getaway. Also, in the back of the book you will find various activities and quizzes, including make-your- own puppets. Part of the Conkers series from Barrington Stoke, aimed at readers aged 6 to 9, for a wide range of readers and abilities.

    Each Conker title combines a story with lots of extras such as riddles, quizzes and fun facts. Whatever they fancy, they build so the treehouse includes a watermelon smashing machine, a life size snakes and ladders game with real snakes and real ladders, even a Ninja Snail Training Academy. Andy and Terry are the real Andy and Terry, constantly harassed by their publisher Mr Big Nose to deliver their next book. Fergus lives with his mum and grandad and dreams of making the cycling team at his local track.

    There are lots of beautiful close up images of insects, some very familiar - dragonflies and earthworms — others less so — fireflies, the orchid moth. The illustrations are accompanied by useful text boxes full of fascinating information.

    In addition, there are all sorts of write in activities to test and develop your knowledge, similarly varied and attractively presented. With sheets of full colour stickers too, the book turns into you very own scrapbook, something to return to again and again.

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    Packed with information, the educational and entertainment value are both very high. Mum is full of good ideas about the trip. Especially about how it can be a useful time for learning! From the start everything that can possibly go wrong does and, as ever, the Wimpy Kid records it all with his unerringly frank gaze. The result is a hilarious story which will hit a nerve with all families everywhere. And especially with parents who will love the accounts of the disasters that happen to other families!

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    Everybody thinks he'll win, but when it comes to the big day, and Louis feels poorly, well - let's just say things don't go so well! But Pete Johnson's story is about much more than just his determination to achieve fame and fortune as a comedian. The backstory is that Louis's family is turned upside down when his dad loses his job and his mum has to get a full time job. Responsible for cleaning, cooking, and all sorts of unfamiliar household tasks, Dad finds this really tough.

    So does Louis, when his dad decides that since he's now at home more, the two of them can 'hang out' and be best friends! This is a hilarious story, that the "Wimpy Kid" generation will love, but parents too will warm to a touching tale of a family thrown into chaos, and of how they eventually find a way to get back on track. Highly recommended! Like the treasure that the boys find and lose , this is full of secrets, waiting to be opened. Here on Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting new titles and refreshing our special dyslexia friendly category.

    Click here to view our current selection which is broken down by age range. Good dog stories are irresistible and this one has everything that young readers want. Josh is living on a Scottish island with his crofter uncle following the death of his mother. He loves the island and its wildlife, often nursing sick creatures back to health.

    Bringing up Reggae stirs memories of his mum, and boy and dog develop a special bond. A genuinely heart-warming read and a very satisfying story, especially for readers who dream of living in the country. Firstly, it deals with some serious themes — bereavement, coming to terms with moving to a completely new environment, falling behind at school, and bullying. Joe Friedman is an extraordinarily accomplished writer who can really hold your interest, create tension and maintain momentum.

    To make things worse, forced to share his room with his cousins, he must set up his office in a garden shed at the local hardware superstore, a place referred to always as Home Despot. Timmy narrates with the exasperated air of the misunderstood genius and his version of events is just one of the things that makes these books so enjoyable.

    Storytelling of this quality is rare, and while the book is ostensibly for younger readers, this is a wonderful introduction to Beowulf for anyone, whatever their age. Additional features include high quality cream paper, Barrington Stoke font and illustrations on every page. They are perfect for 's. These quality stories promote good reading practice for all newly independent readers. Although he has always hated animals, which is embarrassing because his father is a zoo keeper, Vince suddenly discovers that he can talk to them.

    And hear what they say back! After getting some fish fingers for a penguin, Vince finds himself with a long list of food requests from all the other animals. And he is enjoying the best birthday of his whole life! The world is in danger again, or should that be still, and the monsters Hamish and his friends defeated in his first outing are small-town stuff compared to the Neverpeople threat he faces.

    The mayhem starts in 10 Downing Street, in some very funny scenes, and takes Hamish into an alternative world where everything, from the Statue of Libert-he to the Her-malayan mountains, is reversed. Compton Valance and his best friend Bryan Nylon are unlikely heroes, but they managed to create a time machine out of a mouldy cheese sandwich and save the universe from certain destruction. Now the sandwich is safely in a museum, and life is back to boring normal. Cool illustrations and design make these ideal for reluctant readers but honestly everyone will enjoy this excellent series.

    Matt will be appearing at the Cheltenham Festival on Saturday 3rd October.