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Writing with a co-author is challenging in itself, but when 1 author lives on the East Coast and 1 lives on the West Coast, the challenges are a bit more daunting, but because we live in an electronic world of email, Google Hangout and Skype, the partnership is totally workable. What makes the partnership even better is that David is my brother.

We love the same types of books and that love naturally evolved into writing our own books. The final volume, "The King's Last Word" is forthcoming. You can also find a complete list of her published books on the blog. Maybe, a little too ambitious. This should have been a routine mission, but tragedy strikes and his parents are killed in an explosion. This is no ordinary explosion, but one that will change space exploration for mankind. The asteroid disappears only to reappear four hours later in a Plutonian orbit; the first instance of FTL aided by a mysterious element named Kinemet.

Young Alex survives the FTL travel, but his exposure to kinetic element fundamentally changes him. Reading is Necessary, but Why? Terry Ervin II.

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Getting to Know Your Readers. Is Your Writing Romantically Challenged? E-book Covers that Sell. Where have all the Booksellers Gone? E-rotica or E-romance? Writing with Co-authors. Things My Mother Told Me.

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Happy Halloween - Kitty Funnies. Oh No, It Comes! Kitty Funnies: Homework and Mama. Author Panel Discussions Panel 1 - What's your favorite part of writing a novel? Panel 9 - How do you get past writers block? Panel 10 - What is the best atmosphere for you to write in? Or they create living servants like ghouls or blood-slaves who feed on their blood, get power from it somehow , and protect their masters any way they can. Vampire blood has often been depicted as having the power to extend the natural lifespan of ordinary humans, allowing them to bribe mortals to their service with drops of blood.

Vampires are almost always inhumanly strong , fast , and durable , often to the point of being Immune to Bullets and most other mundane weapons. For some, especially more modern ones, this is where it ends, making them effectively little more than intelligent and stylish super-zombies.

A variation of this is to give them their own unique "gifts" telepathy, for example that make them more distinct from their brethren, though all share the same aforementioned set of "normal" vampire powers. The original folklorish vamps were either disease ridden monstrosities or soul-sucking ghosts; in either case, their mere presence was likely to harm you, and though you could ward them off at night you couldn't actually kill them until the daylight hours, and sometimes you couldn't properly kill them at all since, being evil spirits, the best you could do is stop them from coming back.

The traditional Victorian vampire has a range of supernatural abilities. Dracula had shape-shifting, limited flight, control over animals and the weather, the ability to scale walls, and other gifts, on top of the standard vampire strengths. It is unclear if this is due to Dracula studying Black Magic to enhance his skills and this type of vampirism can come with an innate ability to learn that as well — it's also implied that this may have been how Dracula became a vampire or if it was due to his advanced age.

It's possible that both might be true. The strength of a vampire can sometimes be determined by its age , with older vampires usually though not always being stronger than younger ones. Sometimes this merely means that they are stronger and harder to kill, if it means anything at all. Some may evolve or de-volve into something closer resembling some progenitor vampire race, which can occur either gradually or in spurts, which makes them yet more superhuman.

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In other cases, the vamp can age into an outright Humanoid Abomination which will usually mean they are much more powerful, though some may understandably lament their transformation into outright monstrosities and more obvious loss of humanity; this, again, may happen gradually or in spurts. The ones who won the Superpower Lottery have, either naturally or through using their immortal lifespan to acquire ridiculous amounts of magical power, evolved into outright Gods of Evil , and are a menace to the entire world.

Quite often, the vampire has to drink blood to heal.

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In other cases, mundane weapons do nothing at all — weapons pass through the vampire like a ghost, or bounce off, or the vampire's flesh heals as soon as the weapon is removed. Another possibility if Overwhelming force or a medium-powered Cool Sword or general low-key Magic Spell but not their specific vulnerability is used is to turn into mist and return to their coffin, incapacitated until the next sunset. Achilles Heels Wooden Stake through the heart. In most modern depictions, this is fatal; in the original folklore, it merely stops the vampire from leaving his coffin.

In most of the older stories, one had to use a hammer or a gravedigger's shovel to drive the stake in, which meant that vampire stakings mainly happened during the day when the vampire was asleep, but recently, it's become oddly easy to do by hand. Remember, the ribs are there to prevent just such an occurrence. In some cases, a special specimen of wood is needed for the stake to be effective, commonly Hawthorn, and occasionally it needs to be blessed or enchanted, but not all vampires are this picky about what goes through their chests.

Decapitation - This one isn't exactly exclusive to vampires; it works on everything, really. Almost everything.

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Then again, so does a stake through the heart. Sometimes, these two weaknesses get combined, where the vamp can regenerate their head and a wooden stake through the heart merely renders them inert, meaning that one needs to put a stake through the heart and then cut off the head in order to truly kill it. Fire - another one that can be used to deal with most other supernaturals and also humans, although it varies between interpretations on just how much you need. Really, the only common Achilles's Heel definitely unique to vampires is Direct sunlight.

This is actually a modern invention; much newer than you'd think. In old legends, they actually had to sleep in their coffin during the day , but sunlight wasn't fatal. They were merely dormant during the day, making it "easy" to sneak up on them. Nowadays, they just hole up inside, and sunlight literally has the power to make them spontaneously combust. Sometimes this is specifically ultraviolet radiation ; sunlight is dangerous, but a light-bulb is not. Weakness to sunlight often varies by age.

Depending on the setting, elder vampires are either resistant to sunlight, not affected at all, or sometimes more vulnerable to it than younger vamps because they're so far removed from their humanity. Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel was almost unaffected by sunlight; it limited his shapeshifting powers, but he could still walk around , was still super-humanly strong, and definitely wasn't burned. The same goes for other vampires before Stoker's, such as Carmilla and Varney the Vampire. An interesting inversion are Arabian vampires.

They're active during the day and sleep at night, since people were naturally more afraid of the daytime in the desert. The idea that sunlight isn't fatal has undergone somewhat of a resurgence. The vampires in L. Smith's Night World series can survive exposure to sunlight, but it inhibits their powers. The vampires in Moonlight can survive exposure to sunlight for a limited amount of time.