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If a rumor started going around that Perry and his cast were just making up the movie as it went along, that would be a credible story. And while Haddish is certainly gifted enough to run with this flimsy material, she would have benefited from someone at the helm paying attention. Watch Video: Hallelujah! Tiffany Haddish has gone from guest star to full-fledged movie star, starring in a string of comedies, including the Tyler Perry dramedy "Nobody's Fool," which lands in theaters this weekend.

See how the actress has evolved through the years. Haddish was born in Los Angeles on Dec. After she became the primary caregiver for her family after her mother suffered an accident, she opted to go to the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp when she was 17 years old. I loved the first 2 seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. But a lot of us have been enjoying the other shows. Well, at least I and my friends are.

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Instead of producing the shows on more-or-less a week by week basis, they do them all before the public gets a chance to react to any of them. What is interesting are other sites are praising season 3. Spike: I have a rule: If Mr. If you must stream, check out FilmStruck. Daredevil was always one of my favorite comic characters. Since I was a kid I always made sure to buy Daredevil and got some great stories because of it. When they announced the Netflix series I was super excited.

Then they killed Ben Urich. I was infuriated. So infuriated that I skipped Jessica Jones completely. Besides, I do not like that actress at all. Then along came Luke Cage and that was great. Iron Fist was also great. Interestingly enough I liked Defenders.

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I heard the cancelled Iron Fist which is a shame and I hope that Luke Cage comes back for a third season. JJ2 was also awful. But LC2 was a slight improvement first half not as good as S1, second half better, ending really interesting. The supporting cast was ace. This review has made me even more excited for the next season! Yes, Iron Fist has been cancelled.

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How did i come here? Landed here.


This review is spot on. So i,ll save myself a few hours and skip fwd to episode 7. Kyle, What a horrible unreadable review.

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You writing is awful and boring. Please quit. Says it all. This might be the end folks. Lol you are out to lunch. Season is hands down the best MCU tv series of all time.

Evolution of Tiffany Haddish, From 'The Carmichael Show' to 'Nobody's Fool' (Photos)

Because you are wrong. I disagree with this harsh review. I thought Daredevil season 3 was awesome. I binged on it within a day. I can understand that it started slowly in the first like every other Marvel Netflix show.

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I think personally liked this because it makes the characters have more development and context. I was five episodes in and had to stop. The story is weird. The characters are all unrelatable and reckless. Did we really need to see Karen do blow and screw a drug dealer?

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  5. No, we did not. How about the giant sinus blood clot emptying into the sink scene? That did not make for fun, engaging viewing. That could have been tastefully handled and was not.

    I watched clips on YouTube. Looks like fun for people who like prolonged beatings and lots of bloody, psychotic violence. The padding really shows in these Netflix shows. The first two seasons of Daredevil were very good, but undercut by the urge to fetishize the source material. After some very good drama in the first season, why whiz it all away at the end by making it the story of how Matt Murdock came to run around in an embarrassing red costume? The third season told its own story, and was a lot stronger for it. The story takes us from darkness into light, and yes, the first episodes were literally dark, and the last brightly lit, but it did make sense.

    I think it was beautifully done, and it stayed engrossing from beginning to end, unlike any of the other Netflix shows to date. Daredevil season 3 has been awesome. Spot on review, a truly awful season, not even sure how I dragged myself through it..